Antioxidants – Body Care

Antioxidants – Body Care

Antioxidants – Body Care

Antioxidants – Body Care : Body care is not as easy as anyone thinks.

One cannot just eat or take anything without any consequence to the body.

To have a body that is healthy and beautiful, a person should first learn about it

and how it works in order to take care of it better.

The whole body is composed of bodily systems like the digestive and

respiratory systems that make the body function well.

Antioxidants – Body Care

For example, the digestive system is responsible for the absorption of the food.

The bodily system in turn is composed of organs.

For the digestive system, examples of its organs are the mouth and the stomach.

These organs are composed of the cells.

Antioxidants - Body - Care

The cells are the primary functional units of the body. An average human person is composed of around 50 trillion.

Antioxidants – Body Care

Cells are constantly reproducing for the different needs of the body.

These tiny particles must be taken care same as what one does for her body care.

Their main enemies are the free radicals which attack and destroy them.

Free radicals can lead to cancer even if unchecked and not stopped.

Smoking and pollution are the two major sources of free radicals.

According to research, there are also some foods that can be the source of these free radicals also.

Antioxidants – Body Care : One of the best ways to combat the free radicals is by taking antioxidants.

They are said to be able to neutralize the growth and effects of free radicals in the body.

By stopping the growth and development of free radicals,

antioxidants could reproduce without much difficulty.

Antioxidants – Body Care : Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants also.

Food supplements such as vitamin c and vitamin e are said to be a good source of antioxidants.

Although there is no conclusive research yet on the effectiveness of these food supplements,

no one can dispute that they help in the body care of a person as a source of her antioxidants.

Although the amount of its antioxidants is minimal, regular intake is highly recommended.

Fruits and vegetables are not only rich in minerals and vitamins but are also invaluable sources of fibre and antioxidants.

Most recommended among them for body care are pineapples, tomatoes,

sweet potatoes, broccoli, oranges, and peaches among others.

One should always include in her diet many of these fruits and

vegetables as they are good for the body in general and the cells in particular.

Antioxidants – Body Care :

The search of antioxidants for a good body care does not stop with eating fruits and vegetables and the taking of food supplements.

There are many other sources of antioxidants. Coffee and chocolates are good sources also.

But care must be exercise when taking them.

Too much caffeine and sugar which they also contain could have negative effects on the body as well.

Moderation has always been the key for a healthier body.

Red wine is another good source.

A glass during lunch or dinner could be beneficial to the body.

Oatmeal is one perfect source as it can also provide fibre and

other vitamins and minerals needed by the body as well.

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