Five great reasons visit local hairdresser

Five great reasons to visit your local hairdresser

Five great reasons visit local hairdresser : When it comes to your appearance, your hair is a feature that stands out for yourself and others to see.

Nowadays in our society not only do people have eye-catching cuts but also a myriad of colours and dyes or actually have more hair attached (known as extensions).

Whatever your whim, a local hairdresser will ensure you get the style you want cut courtesy of a top quality cut.

Five great reasons visit local hairdresser

With everything on offer from just a cut and blow dry to a wild and crazy hair colour, your local hairdresser can fulfil all of your follicle fantasies.

There are so many reasons to visit your local hairdresser; below are 5 reasons why.

1) A short walk away

When time is of an essence, a local hairdresser just around the corner could be a life-saver.

There’s no need to wait for that bus that’s never on time or to get in your car and wait in the never-ending traffic through the town centre.

A local hairdresser is just a short walk away allowing you to get those legs moving to get there in double-quick time – no frustrating delays in long queues.

It also helps the environment by cutting down on unnecessary pollution and gives you a chance for some fresh air.

Some local hairdressers even offer a walk-in system where you don’t need an appointment.

This is a great system when an event is on the evening and you didn’t book an appointment in advance.Five great reasons visit local hairdresser.

A walk-in hairdresser makes it so much easier for working people and busy parents that have to try and juggle haircuts into a busy schedule.

2) Small and informal

Once you start going regularly to your local hairdresser you will quickly find it is a lot smaller than the big salons in the towns.

This is a great experience especially if you don’t enjoy the fast paced haircuts and styling usually experienced in larger salons.Five great reasons visit local hairdresser.

Being in a more relaxed atmosphere can make going to the hairdresser much more enjoyable.

In your local salon you will usually find there are only a few clients having treatment at the same time so there won’t be lots going on around you.

Independent hairdressers offer their own personality and are a great place to be.

They can also offer a social and economic hub for the community, which can be particularly beneficial for those living alone.

Many local salons now provide hair extensions, UK popularity for these has soared in recent years.

3) Employment in the community

Your local hairdresser will normally employ a small number of staff who you will usually find are local residents themselves.

This helps the community by providing jobs and the opportunity for local youngsters to learn a new trade.

Five great reasons visit local hairdresser

The owner of the salon may also be a resident from the area who will also want to provide the best service to their customers and neighbours.

4) Friendly and knowledgeable service

Once you start using the hairdressers regularly you will undoubtedly get to know the staff and will probably be able to pick your favourite stylist.

Going to your local salon means that you will have the chance to get to know your stylish better compared to a larger salon where your appointment may be more rushed.

Local hairdressers are usually very friendly and will be switched on to exactly what you need, offering a relaxed atmosphere so you can enjoy your experience and get pampered.

The salon staff can also offer in-depth knowledge and advice about specialist products to ensure your new style is looked after.

This means you won’t have to endure the high pressure sales techniques often employed at larger salons and means you can discuss which products will really provide you with what you are looking for.

5) Value for money

Local hairdressers typically offer good rates, not like the big chain outlets, this helps you save your pennies so you can enjoy treating yourself on other items.

Many local hairdressers offer discounts for students, OAPS and might even hold ‘discount days’.

And in addition to all these advantages, the staff are fully trained – you won’t be able to see the difference from a haircut at a top high street salon!

Many local hairdressers are just a stone’s throw away from the homes of local residents and are often located alongside other local shops.

So not only could you create that special look, you could even get your groceries too, saving time, money and supporting other local shops.


From helping your community by putting money into local services to saving yourself time by not going into town, there are many great reasons to visit your local hairdressers.

Friendly staff and a magnificent hairdo combine to make your experience one you will be keen to experience again very soon.

So what are you waiting for? Go on and enjoy being pampered by your local hairdresser!

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