Simple tips will make hairs healthy robust strong

Simple tips will make hairs healthy robust strong

Simple tips will make hairs healthy robust strong : African American hairs are very fragile, the hairs has less water content, grows at a very slow rate and breaks easily.

You need to follow a regular course of cleaning and maintain the same to reduce the damages caused.

Their hairs are very unique in structure and also appearance, in the same way you have to follow some unique steps to care the same.

Steps to stop hear breaking

African American hairs are kinky and have a coarse texture different from other.

The general basic steps that are to be observed by everyone are to take care not to let the hair dry out.

When the hair becomes dry it is sure to break down. The first step is washing the hair on regular basis, it is always recommended to have a hair wash once in a week.

Simple tips will make hairs healthy robust strong

It also depends on how your hair feels if you feel the hair sticky or pale you can wash it even 2 times a week, with a mild shampoo.

Make sure you don’t apply too much of shampoo on the head, if you don’t wash off the shampoo well you are sure to lose your hairs and may also lead to the formation of dandruff.

So when you shampoo your hair goes in for a mild shampoo and make sure you get much lather and wash off all the lather well.

After a hair wash apply a conditioner on your hair, make sure to apply the

conditioners to the tip of the hairs, because the ends are very older and may lead to damage.

These conditioners will moisture the hair and guard it from breaking down.

Make sure you use hair cleaning products that match your hair texture, don’t select products that are related to skin colour.

Rad the instruction on the hair products and then choose products according to the hair texture, you get different products for dry hair, oily hair, straight hairs and twisted hairs.

Make sure you choose the hair products on verifying the content in it and try out the same.

The moisture in the hair has to be maintained to guard it from breaking down.

Simple tips will make hairs healthy robust strong

If it dries up very early then use products that stay on your hairs for long hours and moisture your hair.

Protective products to be used before putting on styles

Moisture in the hairs can also be maintained by taking oil treatment twice a month; this will keep the hair in condition.

If you are going to take up hair styles then make sure you guard your hairs well before you start up a style.

Various kind of protective products are in the market choose one that will guard from damage depending upon your hairs condition and then go in for style in your hairs.

If you are going to press your comb on your hairs you can choose to do the same with ceramic or iron combs.

While putting on style if you feel that your hairs are been pulled very much, ask them to redo the same style,

because if you feel any pain while pinning your hairs it is understood that it will be damaged.

Request them to re-do the style and make sure they don’t pull your hairs.

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