Bananas Good Health Benefits

The Fantastic Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas Good Health Benefits

Bananas Good Health Benefits : Did you know that bananas are healthy?

If you compare them with apples, they are four times richer in protein, two times higher in carbohydrates,

three times richer in phosphorus, and five times higher in iron and vitamin A.

They are also fully packed with potassium, which promotes muscular strength, boosts metabolism,

controls blood pressure, relieves stress and anxiety, and enhances your overall health.

That’s a mouthful of benefits, right? Since not many people recognize the importance of bananas,

this article will elaborately talk of their wonders.

If you have been neglecting them, then it’s time for a change of heart.

Bananas Good Health Benefits

Banana boosts energy

Bananas Good Health Benefits : Banana has three natural sugars: glucose, fructose, and sucrose.

That goes without saying that a piece of this fruit can actually give you an instant and sustained boost of energy.

Studies have shown that even just two pieces of this yellow fruit can already

give you enough energy for a 90-minute taxing workout.

Banana improves general wellness

Bananas Good Health Benefits : An energy boost is not the only thing that you can get from a banana.

It can also provide you with a lot of great health benefits. Some of them are the following:

Anemia—Because a banana is high in iron, it stimulates the production of blood hemoglobin and helps prevent anemia.

Nerves—A banana is also rich in B vitamins, which aids in calming the nervous system, preventing you from developing any panic problems.

Depression—A bananas has tryptophan, a kind of protein that is converted into serotonin by the body.

Serotonin is a substance which makes you relax and happy.

Hangover– A banana milkshake is one of the most effective cures to hangover. It helps calm the stomach.

When you mix it with honey, the depleted sugar levels in your blood is restored and your system becomes re-hydrated.

Blood Pressure—High blood pressure can be significantly lowered by the potassium in bananas.

The great thing about this fruit is although it is high in potassium; it is low in salt and therefore does not promote water retention in the body.

Furthermore, it also regulates high blood pressure and reduces a person’s risk of stroke.

Brain—Bananas boost brainpower.

Bananas Good Health Benefits

Their potassium content promotes mental alertness and ability to recall.

This is the reason why students are advised to eat bananas at breakfast, lunch, and breaks especially during exams.

Ulcers—The soft texture of a banana makes it a great dietary food for people with intestinal problems. It neutralizes over-acidity as well as reduces any irritation in the stomach lining.

Constipation—Because of its high fiber content, a banana has the ability to restore normal bowel movement.

If you have been having excretion problems, bananas can be your natural and effective laxatives.

Heartburn– Bananas contain natural antacids.

Individuals suffering from heartburn could benefit from these fruits because they can soothe the stomach naturally.

Stress—Bananas are wonderful stress relievers. Because of the high potassium content, they help regulate heartbeat, control the body’s water balance, and normalize the process of sending oxygen to the brain.

The less stress you have, the better your state of health becomes.

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