Being happy is the best way to be healthy

Being happy is the best way to be healthy

Being happy is the best way to be healthy : Health is wealth and this is what this blog has iterated time and again.

The main aim of Health and Fitness is to assist us all to grow up healthy, keep fit and maintain a stronger life.

This is why the motto says that this blog is working towards a healthier and stronger life.

One of the prime motives in this blog is to provide various information about ways in which we can stay fit and healthy.

If all of us know how to keep ourselves and our families happy, there would be no need of this blog anymore.

Till then, we will work towards our motto.

Being happy is the best way to be healthy

Health is directly related to happiness.

A healthy and wealthy person always remains happy and if you are not sure of it, please talk to a doctor or a gym instructor.

They will always have a smile on their faces. Happiness, in many ways is depending on health.

A person, who is ill, will not be happy in the long run.

He might smile momentarily and try to hide his soreness, but he cannot consider himself to be happy.

It is very important to be healthy to lead a happy life.

Happy people, in turn are always healthy.

Yes, being happy is the best way to be healthy.

Happiness and health go hand in hand. It is true and many researches across the world have proved time and again that if you are happy,

Being happy is the best way to be healthy

there is a lesser chance that you will have a cardiac arrest or diabetes or hypertension and similar diseases.

Happier people are less prone to such chronic diseases.

Being happy is the best way to be healthy

We can avoid lot of heart attacks with a smile on the face along with a peaceful and happier mind and heart.

Here is a story of a doctor that I heard recently, and I wanted to share with you all.

The doctor used to live in a joint family with many people in it.

He used to spend most of his time in attending to their health worries, rather than concentrating on his hospital duties and personal practice.

He wanted to get out of it, but could not, since it was his own family.

The doctor then devised a way in which he thought that it will be easier for him to handle all his responsibilities.

He asked every family member to take care of themselves.Being happy is the best way to be healthy.

In this way, each of them was spending small amount of time in taking care of just themselves without worrying about others in the family.

Everyone became happier and the entire family grew healthier too. The doctor could go back to his responsibilities.

Now, this shows that if we can take care of ourselves and remain disease free, it will make us happy.

In turn, the entire society will become a better place with happier and healthier citizens.

Hope I could make my point clear here. This is the whole objective of this blog.

Keep reading and get informed on various things that you can do to keep yourself healthy and happy.

We have just got one life and it is up to us to live it the way we want it. Let us live a happier, healthier and wealthier life.

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