Make Lemon Juice Toner Brighten Your Skin

Make Lemon Juice Toner Brighten Your Skin

Make Lemon Juice Toner Brighten Your Skin : This Lemon Juice Toner Is Guaranteed to Brighten Your Day and Your Skin!

Hi Beauties!

One day, a long time ago, I was talking with my grandmother about her beauty secrets and she revealed to me that this lady that she grew up with used lemon juice on her children’s skin. She said that her children had the prettiest skin she had ever seen.

I have always heard that rubbing lemon juice on your skin would make it brighter. I remember reading about women who would rub their elbows with a lemon to even out their skin tone.

I wanted to use lemons to help lighten my hyper pigmentation. I wanted to do this every day without the hassle of squeezing lemons. I figured I would make my own toner using lemon juice and witch hazel, which I was already using as a daily toner.

Lemon juice is full of Vitamins A& C, and healthy alpha hydroxy acids. Lemon juice is helpful in exfoliating dead skin cells.

It also has antibacterial properties, which is helpful in fighting acne.

The Vitamin C of lemon juice allows it to help lighten and fade dark marks and it also give your skin a healthy glow.

Witch hazel is used an astringent. It helps remove any additional dirt, makeup, and residue that remain after washing your face. Witch hazel is alcohol based, so it tends to be a little drying.

In this toner, witch hazel acts as a preservative, which means that you don’t have to worry about refrigeration or nasty bacteria and mold growing in your toner.

Here’s What You Will Need To Make The Lemon Juice Toner:

Make Lemon Juice Toner Brighten Your Skin

Lemon Juice Toner Supplies

a. 1 -3 Lemons (preferably organic)

b. Witch hazel ( I like Dickerson’s, but you can use Thayer’s or whichever brand you like as long as it’s alcohol based)

c. A citrus juicer or a spoon

d. A fine mesh strainer

e. A cup or bowl (wide enough to fit the strainer)

f. A bottle or container to hold your toner

g. A funnel

h. A knife

Five Easy Steps To Making Lemon Juice Toner

  • Place Lemons in the microwave for 10-20 seconds. This will help make juicing easier. Cut lemons in half and juice.
  • Pour juice through strainer and push juice through with a spoon in order to remove any pulp and seeds.
  • Transfer strained juice into the bottle using the funnel. Juice should fill half of the container.
  • Fill the container with the witch hazel.
  • Tighten the bottle cap and shake to thoroughly mix the lemon juice and witch hazel.

Lemon Juice Toner

Your lemon juice toner is ready for use.

Make Lemon Juice Toner Brighten Your Skin

I would follow up with a good moisturizer and sunscreen (if using during the day).

Make Lemon Juice Toner Brighten Your Skin : Lemon juice is caustic, so you will want to at least make a 50/50 solution with witch hazel. I would advise that you use a lesser amount of lemon juice if you have sensitive skin. I would maybe make a 25% lemon juice/75% witch hazel solution. You will have to play around with the recipe to find a solution that works right for your skin.

Also, you will most definitely want to use a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 when using this lemon juice toner because of the alpha hydroxy acid makes your skin susceptible to sun burn.

Try out this lemon juice toner recipe and tell me how you like it.

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