9 Basic Yoga Meditation Tips

9 Basic Yoga Meditation Tips

9 Basic Yoga Meditation Tips : Meditation is a simple and enjoyable activity, which at first may seem very complicated and linked to Hindu philosophies. Actually does not have to be tied to any philosophy, meditate in all religions and beliefs.

9 Basic Yoga Meditation Tips

Here are some tips to consider:

1.The mental state is ideal for morning meditation. The same happens at the end of the day, this due to the ambient temperature and energy at these times is ideal for keeping calm and contemplative state that requires meditation.

2. Establish a routine of meditation. You must select a special place and time determine. Preferably one should meditate at the same time and in the same place. That way we are learning that at that time we will enter a period of calm.

3. Before starting meditation is important that you are mentally say to the body and our being quiet, forget the past, forget the present, and forget the future. This makes us concentrate better, it’s not easy at first but with practice is achieved.

4. If it were possible to have a special room for meditation, so you can use that space to create a beautiful, full of calm and tranquility where you can put fresh flowers, incense and keep it fresh and tidy environment.

5. When deep breathing and meditation is being aware of one’s breath. Breathing may be rhythmic: inhale first, then holding the air for about 3 to 5 seconds and finally exhaling.

Remember that breathing keeps the flow of vital energy.

6. Not force the mind to think of something rigidly. It must breathe and try to concentrate on breathing letting the mind gradually calm down.

7. Find a point on which to focus (may be the midpoint between the eyebrows or heart). The point should always be the same.

This point serves to make the mind concentrate not strive. Try to focus the thoughts at that point, imaginatively visualize.

8. If desired. You can use a mantra (a word that is constantly repeated) for further relaxation, if you have a personal mantra, use or can use any mantra that is pleasing to the practitioner. One of the mantras used is OM.

9. If you practice these steps or other meditation techniques really like this provide peace of mind to your life. Do not expect immediate results, meditation takes time. Start with a few minutes and then you do it for longer.

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